Company Business Registration

 Business Registration in Cambodia

Profressional Resources Group provides a commercial consultancy and company registration service with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). 

We register a wide range of Small, Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) and a number of Large Enterprises. Our clients are mainly expats who open new companies, branches, or representative offices in Cambodia. 

The following are examples of different types of companies that may require registration: import and export, wholesale and retail, warehousing, service industries, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, handicrafts, construction, transportation, tourism, accommodation and restaurants, etc. 

Business entity options include:  
Sole proprietorship
Single membership private limited company
Private limited liability company
Public limited liability company

Profressional Resources Group provides a full-service package as required and supports its client right from the beginning through to the end of the business registration process. 

The full package includes: 
Company name searching
Articles of incorporation ​
Company certificate 
Official stamp of the company 
Letter of registration confirmation
Free translation and interpretation of the above documents where needed 
Free commercial and registration consultancy 

A client may choose a preferred registration option according to their needs. To fully understand your corporate needs, please kindly response to our Business Startup and Registration Assessment here. We will get back to you within 24 hours during our working days with a quote for the complete business registrations. A list of required registration documents and details will be provided after service package has been purchased by the client. Contact us now for your complete and proper business registration in Cambodia.