Performance Management

Performance Management Process:

  • Performance Management Process
  • Performance Review
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Performance Appraisal Letter
  • Performance Warning Letter
  • KRA

Performance Management

Performance Management is one of the important function in HR management aligning with business growth and affordability. PRG has built our potential tools (SMART Tool) in order to ensure that employee’s performance is efficiency and effective evaluated in your company. Also, we shall define you in details about KPIs, KBAs, KRAs, and JDs within the real practice in huge business industry growth.

  1. The purposes of Performance Management (KPIs/ KBAs)
  • Align Company Performance and Affordability
  • Standardize Bonus Payout System across business unit (BU)
  • Control Bonus Payout Budget and Cost of the company


  1. KPIs Setting method
  • Business objective/ Senior Leaders
  • KPIs for front-line and middle-line leaders
  • KPIs for self-leaders

Level of Leadership Management


Distribution Curve: